Virtual events

24 juni 2020


Good news! Events are allowed again! Even though physical events will slowly start again, we do believe that virtual events will continue to exist. The virtual events will continue to exist, perhaps by itself or as a hybrid event. But how do you start organizing an virtual event? We will give you as much information as we can so that you can organize an amazing virtual event, all by yourself! We also give tips on what you should think of when organizing a digital event. It is new territory for most event organizers, but many companies are already switching to virtual events. The world needs inspiring and educational events. Events bring people closer together and we need that more than ever today. You can customize it and make it a virtual or hybrid event.

Where do you start?

If you have to cancel your physical event, you can write a message to your participants stating that the event is not canceled, but only the location has changed! Namely from home! Make sure you communicate clearly when the event will take place. At an online event you don't have to communicate months in advance that an event is coming up. All this can be easily done in a shorter time frame.

How do you make a virtual event attractive?


It is difficult to keep the attention of a visitor for a long period of time. People's tension is not very high. You may have an hour-long program at a live event. All this can be slightly shorter at online events. Follow a guideline of about an hour. For example, TED Talks are 18 minutes for a reason. TED director Chris Andersen once said that too much information prevents ideas from being successfully communicated to the public.It is also possible to divide the program into blocks, so that participants can choose what they want to participate in, just like at a 'real' event. Make sure that there is very clear communication about the program and what the associated times are. It is also important that you really start on time. If you have communicated that the event will start at 3:00 PM, start at 3:00 PM, otherwise the visitors will drop out before the event has started.


Nobody is waiting to watch a speaker next to a screen for an hour. So provide alternating, dynamic images, close-ups, images of the presentations. You can think of a talk show. A talk show also varies a lot. There, too, pre-recorded pieces are interspersed with live performances by speakers.
An online event does not mean that everything must also be live. Not keeping your entire event live saves a lot of stress. The variety also ensures that the attention of the participants does not diminish.

Connect with your visitors

You don't see visitors in real-life, but this makes it no less important to really connect with your visitors. In fact, this makes it even more important. While participants are not easily distracted when at a physical location, they are distracted at home much faster. It is much easier for them to move away from their desk, ‘just check the mail’, or watch a series. It is therefore extra important to connect with the visitors, so that they are less likely to drop off.

How do you do this?



Make it as interactive as possible. For example, send the speaker's presentation to your visitors in advance, so that they can view the presentation in advance and send in questions. Also consider gamification. Adding game elements to your event helps participants store and experience information up to 90% better. You can think of adding a quiz or polls. 

Ask live questions

Many visitors naturally have questions for a speaker. Make sure a chat function is available so participants can ask questions during the event.
This can be done during and before the event with two interactive screens. For example, you can follow a keynote or workshop on your laptop and you can ask questions on your phone or tablet. Do you really want to make it professional? Then have a moderator pick out a number of questions that have been submitted by participants that are then addressed by the speakers.


Ideally, you want to continue connecting at your event. This works differently when going digital, of course, but it is still possible! With Let's Get Digital this is possible through matchmaking, one-to-one meetings and speed-dating carousels. Every two minutes you will see someone else on your screen with whom you can chat.


Online events can be a strong added value for your strategy. It's not just about the technical aspect of organizing an online event, also focus on involving your visitors. This is especially important at an online event. You are now ready to turn an offline event into an online event.
Let's Get Digital! Digital that feels like physical.

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