Online events: a trend or here to stay

03 juni 2020

With physical events banned for a lengthy time, online events are the only solution for the event industry right now. Is this new development a trend and will it persist for a long time or is it a temporary solution and will we return to physical events after the corona crisis?


Innovation and development

We held panel discussions during our Let's Get Digital Knowledge Events. Participants in these panel discussions were employees of EventInsight, and Bano. Everyone agrees that online events like Let's Get Digital is an innovative development within the events industry. Events were postponed or even cancelled altogether due to the corona crisis; this industry was hit hard. Let´s Get Digital was created by thinking in solutions and possibilities. With Let's Get Digital, every event manager requires a little bit of technological skill. Jördis, event consultant at EventInsight: “In my view, an event manager has always been a bit of a technician. The event industry has already used a lot of digital tools. The digital events only show that everyone can deal with this.


Will online events dominate?

Many of the changes occurring in this crisis are likely to be short-lived. Schools, catering and gyms will open again according to regular times and our entire society will slowly but surely get going again. How about online events? After the corona crisis, will we only organize physical events? Erwin, director of Bano thinks not: “I think online events are here to stay. We've gotten used to it, so I definitely think online events will dominate in successive years. I do think that participants and presenters will eventually get a physical stage again, but always with a digital point of view. ” The main reason that online events will continue in our future is, according to Erwin, cost savings. “I think digital events are the most cost effective and will generate the most revenue. For example, you save a lot of travel costs and your participants pay to participate in your events.


" and EventInsight have shown that personal and online communication can add value to your events," said Jelle, co-founder of So we can conclude that online events are certainly a trend within the events industry. Want to know what added value Let`s Get Digital can offer your events? Check our website for all information or contact us