Event Streaming

Complete plug-and-play solution. All you need is an electrical outlet.

Event Streaming

Complete plug-and-play solution. All you need is an electrical outlet.

Stream your event to a live audience? With Event Streaming’s plug-and-play package, you’ll make an impression on any screen. Dynamic video feed that grab the viewer’s attention on any chosen platform. Intelligent AI software ensures that the recording is instantly edited, changes perspective and presentation slides are automatically incorporated into the stream. You don’t have to pay attention to it yourself. The participant will capture the information more easily which will increase the value of the event. Enhance your event experience and make more of an impact by sharing valuable content even after the event. All you need is an electrical outlet. Would you like to know more?

Video feed you can be proud of.

Professional video feed in full HD that will be directly available. The intelligent software automatically edits the video feed and the camera tracks the speaker across the stage. You will not need an AV company.

You organize, we provide the event stream

Our engineer will deliver all the necessary equipment to you and will prepare the setup for you. The live stream is directly available and all recordings are received afterwards. All you need is an electrical outlet. And even WiFi is not required.

Re-use valuable video feed

Build your own collection with different video recordings that you can make available to your target audience. Edit and re-use collected promotional materials before, during and after the event.

Grab the viewer’s attention

Automated assembly

The intelligent software assembles footage live


2 Full HD cameras that change perspective.

Follows the

The video camera automatically follows the keynote-speaker across the stage.

Integrated slides

The presentation is incorporated into the footage.


Suitable for almost all streaming platforms

Edit yourself

Edit the video feed afterwards for promotional purposes

Wireless microphone

For clear audio at the event.

Engineer is coming along

Engineer on site for assistance and organization.

Built-in router

Guaranteed strong internet connection

We will deliver it to you

Prior to the event, our Event Consultants will discuss what composition of equipment will best suit your event. Together with them you make a planning.

On the day of the event, our Engineer will bring all of the equipment to the location of the event. The engineer will help you set up all the equipment and guide you through the installation of it.

The engineer will stay on site for as long as the event runs and will take the equipment back after the event.

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Would you like to receive a quotation?

Do you have a questions or would like to receive a quotation? Please contact or Event Consultants for more information. They are happy to answer any questions about badges, printers and which solution best suits your event.

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